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How is your new year coming along? I hope it is going wonderful! I would say “we won’t talk about mine,” but that’s part of the reason for this blog post. Most of my family and a couple friends started the new year off with the dirty “c” word… you know, the word that you can’t escape from, that everyone seems to be talking about? Yeah… Covid.

Covid was not in my new year plans when I pictured 2022, especially not right off the bat. I mean, come on! I have been looking forward to 2022 for weeks now. I am always a sucker for a new beginning even if the last season was wonderful, I am always looking for the next beautiful season to come. Unless life is rough, I enjoy them all!

As of right now, most everyone has fully recovered and there are just a few people left to get rid of all the symptoms. I am thanking God for His grace and healing through this whole fiasco. I am also thankful I never lost my taste or smell like a few of the others.

So, even though the nasty “c” word made its appearance, that doesn’t mean the whole year is ruined. No way! We are 10 days into this amazing new year and the other 355 days are going to be fabulous! You see, I can believe this way because I have this hope inside of me that’s alive. I have been through rough times in the past and have held on for dear life as it felt like everything around me was falling apart. In those moments that seemed to feel like they would never end- they did. They came to an end. There may be some bruises and scars left from its wake, but I am still standing, still breathing and there’s hope flowing through me.

This morning, I opened my Bible to Romans 15:13. This scripture has been one I have been focusing on lately. When I first decided to ponder on this verse a few weeks ago, it was due to wanting my joy to be overflowing. Little did I know at the time, my focus would turn to another part of the scripture very quickly.

I know this blog post refers to hope and that’s probably what you thought I had turned my thoughts to, but actually, it was the part that says “as you trust in Him.” This last week, my focus has been on trusting God. It hasn’t been seeking joy, peace, or hope. I have been seeking God. He is the provider of the joy, peace, and hope that I so desperately need. “Trusting” means we are putting our confidence in God, who is well able to take care of us (plus He really wants to).

If you would ask me on any given day if I trusted God, I would throw out an “of course” and continue on with life. But there are moments that come along, like the one my family and I have currently been in, that make me stop and question… am I trusting God?

When I pray and I don’t see the results I’m expecting… do I still trust God?

When everything turns south when I was heading north… do I still trust God?

I have thought a lot about what it looks like to trust God. And I have realized the only way a person can even remotely begin to trust Him, is to have an understanding of who He is and how much He loves you. When you realize how cherished you are by your Heavenly Father, then you can answer whole-heartedly… YES! Yes, I trust God.

Then that joy, peace and hope floods in like a mighty river and takes out all doubt and fear. This is how life can be for you. If you have made Jesus your Savior, His life flows inside of you. With that life is HOPE. You can have hope that everything is going to be okay, because your trust is in the One who holds your tomorrow.

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