Strike A Pose

Me — a model? No way! Yet, that was exactly what I had just auditioned to be, and for good reason. I was on a mission to learn what Willis and Patricia Gulls were up to. I was hoping my hunch of them being wrapped up in criminal activity was wrong, at least for Brady’s sake. However, there were four model interns that I had to ensure were safe in their care, and I had my doubts.

Marcelo agreed to work with me on the case, hoping this was the last one I would take on, and then we could pursue our relationship further. Everything was going smoothly until my mom heard Marcelo and I had eloped. Which we really hadn’t, yet how could I explain why we pretended to be married on the cruise ship?

My focus was being pulled in many directions, and I had to ignore the distractions. I needed to find out who was the main boss in charge of orchestrating the crimes that had taken place. I was almost certain I knew exactly who it was, and if I was right — they were going down!

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