Shop Till You Drop

I can’t believe it! I have found myself the victim of identity theft that is sweeping across the town of Dexter. Marcelo has been put on the case to find the culprits, only not with me as his partner, but Becky instead. Becky is tall, blonde, and gorgeous causing all of my insecurities to rise to the surface and it seems Marcelo is fighting his own ugly green giant as well.

I have decided a trip out of town is the answer to our problems not only for our relationship, but also as a means to find answers to the crimes taking place as my prime suspects have reservations at the same resort in the mountains.

But will the heavy snow along with the lack of power cause my plans to go south? Will I be able to find the answers I need to solve the case? More importantly, will Marcelo finally make our marriage real or will he turn to Becky instead?

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Amy Woodley

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