Mixing Business With Pleasure

My fifth book “Mixing Business With Pleasure” in my series called Meadow Creek is available. Here is a bit about it.

Maggie Harris loves her predictable life in Meadow Creek. She flourishes on stability and consistency. Until Isaac comes to town. Now, her world is turned upside down with feelings she has never experienced before. Maggie isn’t so sure she wants to break out of the comfortable lifestyle she has been dependent on to take a chance on love.

Isaac Howard lives his life in the fast lane, at least he did, until he took a temporary fill in job out in the country. He would have already hightailed it back to the city if it wasn’t for Maggie. But the woman seemed to despise him, and he couldn’t figure out why?

The co-workers find themselves stranded in a winter snowstorm out in the middle of nowhere. Will the isolation bring out Isaac’s and Maggie’s true feelings for each other? If so, will it be enough to change their circumstances?

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