A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Stella Rivers has a stalker. Why this is my problem? I have no idea. Ever since she decided we needed to bury the hatchet, she thinks we are the best of friends. Of course I love a good mystery to solve, but this is more than I bargained for when helping Stella ends up with her living in my home and even wearing my clothes.

She is disrupting my life, including my love life. Things are going great with Brady, and I would like for it to continue as so, without Stella in the middle of every date we have. Not to mention all the dates I’m having to go on hoping to figure out which guy has his sights on Stella. Including his camera sights.

Things take a turn for the worse when Stella’s stalker becomes my own. Not only do I have to keep my eye out for the stalker, but I also have to watch out for my new next-door neighbor who makes me cringe each time I encounter him. I know he is up to no good. I just need the opportunity to prove it.

With each image that turns up from the stalker, a new level of fear comes with it and I learn real quick the truth of the meaning- A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.