Bitten By Love

My sixth book “Bitten By Love” in my series called Meadow Creek is available. Here is a bit about it.

Meadow Creek had always been an uneventful town. No action, no dramatic situations. That all changed when the truth was revealed about who Brooklyn Melbourne really was and why she came to town.

Brooklyn held too many secrets, which required keeping everyone at a distance. She was isolated and alone, that is, until Trenton came back to town. The kind-hearted veterinarian had worked his way into her heart, but she still couldn’t tell him the truth. She was sworn to secrecy.

Trenton had no idea what he was getting into when he befriended Brooklyn. He knew she was hiding something, but felt the need to help her. If he could only get her to open up and trust him.

When Brooklyn’s past catches up with her, she doesn’t have a choice to stay hidden any longer. She needs help, but who can she turn to? It will take more than Trenton to keep her safe.